Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Today is finally the first day of school for the High School kids. In an hour I will be heading out the door with five kids who will be gone ALL DAY and one kid who will be gone 2.5 hours. I've already been to the YMCA (click to find out whether Kari or I won this week's "Biggest Loser" competition) I'm feeling pretty great physically at the moment, but I will crash later. Until then, I'm cranking though.

Last night it was really warm in our house and so nobody was sleeping well. I finally drifted off about 11 to have Dominyk knocking at the door. "I can't sleep mom!" I explained to him that I understood, that there was nothing much I could do, offered him some suggestions and cautioned him from waking me again. Which he apparently remembered until 1 a.m. when we went through the same conversation almost word for word.

I then catapulted out of bed with a bad leg cramp (no banana and potassium lectures please, I haven't had one in years) at 4:25 a.m.. Stayed up and headed to the Y. So I'm feeling good now, but it won't last all day. I'm going to be TIRED.

I've been meaning to blog this story about Dominyk in church on Sunday morning. If you know Dominyk, you know he really isn't like everyone else. He's 13, but his severe ADHD and his OCD, combined with his interesting personality, always make life challenging for whoever is around him. As usual during worship he wasn't enjoying sitting still, so I was trying to get close enough to him to correct him without everyone hearing me. He made a few gestures and then said, "Two simple words: Tic Tac."

Later that morning we were coming back to our pews from communion and I explained to him sternly that this was NOT a time where it was OK to talk. He nodded. About 35 seconds later he forgot and started to talk. I gave him a very serious look and he said, "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry mom. I'll tell you after church, ok? Is it ok if I tell you after church? I'll be quiet now, but later, after church, can I tell you?"

i'm sure whatever he had to tell me wouldn't have taken that long. Hmmm. I just realized he never did tell me what it was that was so important.

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