Thursday, January 28, 2010

Directly Proportional....

My facebook status yesterday said, "Claudia has discovered that the amount of drama in ones life is directly proportional to the number of children one has between the ages of 13 and 25."

What a day yesterday. We talked to all 12 of our children. Six of them -- five of them being five of the oldest six -- had some strange or difficult drama to pull us into. We had phone calls as well -- from a county worker, from a teacher, and from the jail. Drama abounds -- and our lives get more complicated as Bart and I sit and do our jobs day after day, boring, old fat tired middle aged professionals, each with half a doctorate (hey, does that mean that together we have one? Hadn't thought about that).

So we sit and create zero drama while it all falls on our laps. Today and tomorrow are finals, messing up everyones schedule so nobody goes or comes at the same time. We have 3 turning 15 in 4 months, but in our house if you can't afford to pay for Driver's Ed, then we will not pay for it if you have Ds and Fs. We figure if a person can't either get the grades or save money for it, then they can wait to get it when they can. But it looks like Leon may get the grades unless he bombs his finals. Sadie has th money, but hates spending it, so she may choose to wait.

There is a new predicament that I can't blog about, but it should cause some major upheaval and drama after next week. Sigh.

One day at a time....

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Susan said...

Bart could start going by Doc and you could be Ter.