Thursday, January 07, 2010

Living the Vida Loca

And it's not local because it's crazy as in fun crazy -- it's crazy as in stressful crazy. There has been constant arguing at the boyfriends and so I am getting texts from both of them -- and sometimes calls from his mom -- all about whatever issue they are arguing about. While it is stressful via text -- it isn't nearly as stressful as being there. Every time there is an argument Salinda texts me and says she wants to come home and the boyfriend texts to ask if I'm coming to pick her up and we text bck and forth a while and then suddenly the texting stops. And then a few hours later everything is ok I guess because I don't hear anything more.

We have not seen John since yesterday morning when he left for school. After school one of his friends texted me to say he was with him and we didn't hear anything until a few minutes ago when he texted to find out if the shoes we got him for Christmas had arrived. He made a point to have his friend let me know via that school got out early today (like I didn't know that when i have 7 other kids in the district). Ironically the school website says he skipped the first five periods today anyway so why he bothered to mention it I'll never know.

And so we have stress via text in our world tonight. Sigh.

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