Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick Call From Paula

I just got a quick call from Paula. She and her family have a bunch of court hearings this coming week and she asked me to ask those of you who pray to do so. If you've been following the story privately you know details. If not, just pray. Thanks.


sarsmile said...

Thanks for the update - sending good thoughts her way and hoping everything works out for them.

Speaking of updates, have you heard anything from Past/Future recently? Last I heard she had just moved to what was hopefully a better situation - and then her blog suddenly went private. Obviously it's entirely up to her what she chooses to share, but I keep thinking about her and hoping that the sudden change doesn't mean that something went wrong.

Maia said...

We (my family) are all thinking of you and your family and praying often, Paula!

QueenB said...

Praying for Paula and her family. I have not been privy to the story; only know that something terribly awful had to come down. I've thought of her and her family often over the past year or so since the trouble started and am praying for strength and for victory.

Lisa said...

I can't believe this is still dragging on for Paul and Paula's family!! I followed her blog faithfully and have a little idea of what happened, but I'm sure I cannot fathom what they've been through over the past 12-15 mos.

I will be praying for their family!!

Kat said...

Claudia - off topic, and I left this on Cindy Bodie's site as well. Heather Forbes/Beyond Consequences Institute is offering online training, normal cost ~ $200 - free if you're willing to blog about it each week (I think ~ 10 sessions).
I'm in no way associated with BCI - just got the message in my email this morning - but I have been really impressed with her when I saw her live at one of her free one-day events.