Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mouthfuls of Bittersweet

We have a lot of "celebrations" that aren't quite like they are "supposed to be."

To hold my granddaughter for the first time was an amazing moment -- a precious gift of new life and sweet indeed. But to see how young her parents are, how difficult their challenges will be, how convoluted and complicated their lives are now and will be for some time... not so sweet. As I have said to anyone who asks, "the baby is perfect even if the situation isn't." Bittersweet.

Our son Mike finished high school this week. There will be no open house or party.... he is in jail and instead of diploma handed to him as he stands in a black robe ... a piece of paper comes to the house announcing he completed his GED. Bittersweet.

Our oldest son got engaged to a girl we really like, he's a college grad, and a teacher. We are very proud of him. But he seldom calls and visits only on holidays even though they are only 90 minutes away. Bittersweet.

I could go on, but you're getting the picture. There are small joys and victories but they aren't quite like everyone else's. And while we want to truly embrace them, we do so with a bit of apprehension.

But don't you think that her peacefulness is contagious? I even look better and more calm holding her...


Little Wonder said...

Truly, what is "normal" or "supposed to be"? That was all scrapped the moment that Adam & Eve fell into sin.

I would challenge you to find 1 couple/family unit that is picturesquely "NORMAL". There is no such thing. Divorce, death, war, hate, violence, illness etc rock the lives of everyone in this world some way or another. Our families just happen to stand out a bit more, so it may be a bit more obvious to the outside world. But I've worked with enough families over the years to know that EVERYONE has secrets they are hiding, evils, tragedies, hardships etc. I am convinced that normal does not exist.

btw: your granddaughter is adorable. and bittersweet---well that's what our newest daughter's name means. keep taking pictures, you will never regret having them! I love seeing them!

Other Mother said...

Yes, she is a adorable, and you look great holding her. There is nothing more relaxing than holding a sleeping baby, I think.

Bittersweet, I hear ya! Our 17 year old daughter and her boyfriend visited one evening this week. She looked good, is in school, the visit went well, but she won't tell where she's living. Bittersweet.

Treasured Grace said...

There's nothing quite like holding a baby in your arms...calming, relaxing, mesmerizing! Enjoy your "moment" as much as you can!
Blessings and peace to you today