Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Night of Dreams...

I slept hard last night but I also dreamed hard. My first dream involved Gabby. I was holding her -- all of 3 weeks old and for some reason I set her down. She then suddenly rolled over and started scooting. She aged right before my eyes and crawled then walked to the closet. By the time I got to the closet she had opened it and low and behold there was a new baby in a car seat that looked just like her. Flash forward seven years and I was talking to someone who said - yup, Gabby ended up with five more sisters. Six girls born in six years. Analyze that one Freud.

Another dream in the night involved a wonderful couple from our church who though in their 70s helped us so much when we moved here. In my dream they had decided that had decided to move in here to take care of Bart and I. They had concluded that we were so busy taking care of the kids that we had no time to take care of ourselves and that would be their job. While they would most likely go nuts here, that thought never crossed my mind in the dream and we let them move in. It was still a wonderful arrangement when my dream ended.

I had a few other dreams, but I can't remember them in detail. But those two were very vivid.

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