Sunday, January 17, 2010

Riding the Ride

All four generations. ;-)

I got up this morning to find out that there was an argument last night and Salinda's boyfriend left and went home. But she and the baby are still here and I told her that I wasn't giving her a ride back up there. If he wanted her he could come get her. She's fine with that. I'm sure she could use a break from the drama for a bit.

Yesterday wasn't as stressful as I had imagined it would be. There were lots of people in and out -- a couple of Salinda's friends, Bart's family, some of my friends.... and we all seemed to do pretty well. Lots of enjoyable time with the baby.

John is in and out with the new girlfriend who is still scared of me. Yesterday she was timidly knocking at the door and I opened the door and got about 6 inches from her face and said, "I hear you're SCARED of me!" It was pretty funny. She'll get used to me. He says he is going to meet us at church this morning. We will see how that goes. He is funny. If he is good for 3 or 4 days he thinks that erases months of other things and when I try to explain that trust isn't rebuilt in a day or two he is angry with me. Oh for the joys of a bad memory. I'm not going to wish I had one -- because I need mine -- but sometimes it might be nice to have only today.... no recollection of the past .... no concerns about the future. Sigh.

Speaking of today, we have a plan -- which doesn't always happen on Sundays. And hopefully it will include some good moments. But I'm along for the ride -- whatever comes my way, I'll just deal with it.

The alternative is fairly stressful and ineffective anyway.

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