Sunday, January 10, 2010

A few Humerous Snippets from Today (and a Picture or two)

This morning I gave an announcement in church and Warren, my elderly friend (he's not really elderly but I had to put that in here in case he hears that I am giving him a hard time in my blog), had to give me grief. In fact, he gave me grief all during sunday school. I was telling Jimmy about how he always teases me and Jimmy says, "I think he likes you. .... but only as a friend." I explained to Jimmy that when you were talking about old married people you didn't have to say "only as a friend."


Quotes from my meal with Bart and Wilson:

Chiwawas make lots of babies. They are the rabbits of the dog world. (Bart).

Pointing to any part of your wife's body and saying "what is that lump of unsavory flesh" is never OK. (Claudia).


I have been singing that "Meatballs stuck on my Plate" song all day and come to find out it's the # One Song of the week according to the new Casey Kasem... whatever his name is.

We had a nice time visiting hte baby .. and John continues to be strange.

More on that tomorrow.

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