Friday, January 01, 2010

Discharged and on Her Way Home

Salinda and Henry and the baby are on the way to Henry's house. Salinda is so happy to be out of the hospital. She has been there a lot over the past few months.

I have spent the morning lost in editing photos again. I have a really cute one of Bart and the baby but I'm not going to post it until he sees the print. I have them ordered and will pick them up after some of my kids are done at the mall.

Sadie and two of her friends who I really like and Leon and Wilson all wanted to go to the mall. They are so much fun -- we had a great ride there. Dominy is with me and we are hanging at Dunn Brothers until they are done. Then it's supper with Mike and Kari -- ribs and all the fixings -- and another CD of 80s Karaoke.

Sounds like things are looking up!

Tomorrow back up there. I'm running out of pictures to edit. ;-)

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DynamicDuo said...

I knew you would be a gaga grandma - or meemaw, its in your heart to be so! dang but Salinda looks good after all she's been through