Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's another Sunday morning

Like so many others. Though nobody has screamed yet. They are all up and hopefully getting ready. Rand and Jimmy have gone with Bart and the rest are buzzing around. I will check on them shortly and hopefully they'll be about ready. John isn't here, so that takes a lot of stress off. He is never ready on time and it stresses everyone out because he needs an entire bathroom for 90 minutes just to get ready. He never can get himself up. SO even though he has been gone since Friday without a word, it's better if he is going to be gone on Sunday morning -- then it is his job to get to church, or not -- not mine to get him there.

WE have plans to eat out today and then back to seeing what I can get done here. I really need to design a new website for Third Degree Parenting.....

Dominyk is screaming mom

Like 425 times...

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r. said...

I feel so bad for Dominyk. It must be so uncomfortable being him. When I first started reading your blogs, he was the first of your children I learned to recognize by face in your photos. It's because back then--two years ago or so--there used to be all these photos of Dominyk on your blog, and he always had the biggest, most beautiful smile, always hamming it up for the camera. There are far fewer photos of a smiling Dominyk these days. I don't know if it just reflects a lack of photos or if it's more indicative of his mood lately, but it is striking. Adolescence can be so hard, especially for children who have mental illness to begin with.

I know teenage brains work differently and finding appropriate medication can be a challenge, but I hope someday doctors are able to find the right medicines to help him. I hope one day he can be all smiles again.