Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lunch with Normal People

Barb and Hal have been our friends for years and Bart has been Barb's friend for most of her life. We had planned to have lunch without kids today and thanks to Kari and a PCA we were able to do so.

What a nice time we had. Talk about hilarious -- the four of us together talked non stop for 2 hours and 15 minutes and consumed a whole lot of food. It was awesome.

Here are some great quotes that came out of our conversation:

Regarding reality TV: There's no such thing as reality TV any more. In fact, I bet on Animal Planet they tie down the gazelle so the lion can catch and eat him. (Hal)

"No honey, you cannot dress up like a gangster for Halloween (Barb on the phone to their daughter)." follow up comment, "So you won't let your kids dress up to be what our kids already are?" (Claudia)

"Barb's sister has about eight kids with 10 different guys" (Hal)

We told many stories about our lives in the last 9 years since we saw Hal. He was amazed. He said, "Maybe we should write a book about our lives. It would probably be almost as exciting as yours. Our cat got out and it doesn't have claws. We were so worried."

There was also a heated political debate between Barb and Hal... and the moment when Bart and Hal got real brave expressing their views (while Barb was in the bathroom -- the cowards.)

It was two hours and fifteen minutes of pure fun and unending calorie intake. And we had a blast.

We've gotta do it again. Although Bart did admit that spending that much time with three extroverts all at once was pretty exhausting for an introvert.

And he has to do a wedding this afternoon.

Oh well, I'm feeling great. And really, isn't it all about me?

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