Sunday, September 14, 2008

Overheard in Our HOme

Dominyk (in reference to saying, Oh, Lord while in the bathroom): "And Mom, I'm not taking the Lord's name in vain. I was just thanking him that my pocket knife did not fall into the toilet."

Salinda today at lunch. Mom, I really think I need to see a psychiatrist. I nodded in agreement! "I have this pain in my back that isn't going away." I suggested she might mean chiropractor.

Jimmy (discussing a recent event with Bart) "We got some jeans for me on the line" (Took me a while to figure out they ordered them online as we have no clothesline and I was very confused).

Tony (after hearing one of the Mom's give an award for Exceptional Servitude to one of the Boy Scout Dads) "Mom, did she really say sexual servitude???)

Salinda (after her eye exam): Mom, they said I have autism. (I responded, "are you sure it isn't astigmatism?"

See why we say "never a dull moment?"

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FAScinated said...

Thanks for the laughs! Happy Birthday! Let's celebrate the two of our birthdays soon! ~Kari