Monday, September 01, 2008

School Clothes: Why We Do What We Do

Angela asked why I torture myself by making the clothes money even.

Well, let me explain. This is a learning situation for my kids.

This is the one time a year that they each get to make their own choices. And then they have to live with the consequences of those choices. This summer we had charts. Those charts included things like reading every day, getting your chore and dishes done without being reminded, and obeying basic house rules. Rewards for the charts was extra school clothes money.

We have some kids that prefer to have 2-3 pairs of jeans they really like and wear them over and over. Others think if they don't have 6 pair they are going to die. Some of our kids like expensive name brand things, others go for the clearance racks. But in making their own choices they decide what they think is best for them.

They have a budget and they know what they need to buy. They know that I will not buy them clothes again until Christmas or a birthday and only if they are choosing clothes over toys or whatever else. This is their time to make their own decisions and be responsible.

So sure, it's a hassle for me. But it is how we do it. And we have been able to teach our kids a lot about responsible decision making as a result of how we do school clothes.

So there you have it. That's why we do what we do.

And a few pictures from yesterday's trip.

First, Wilson bored, waiting for his turn.

Then the expression changes as I begin to spend money on him.

Finally he points out to me that even with his price cut, he'd still be worth a million.

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Angela :-) said...

That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I didn't realize it was just for school clothes. I thought the original comment was about all school supplies (including clothes).

Angela :-)