Sunday, September 28, 2008

A record

So sorry I forgot to blog this morning. I did make it home safe. This morning I got up, spent time trying to beat a new facebook game and with my obsessive personality, of course, had to keep at it -- had church, lunch at home that Bart cooked for us, took the girls and Dominyk to the mall, came home and then headed to a youth group potuck and the movie "stranger than fiction" which I highly recommend. The discussion that followed was quite interesting as we pondered fate, providence, predestination, sacrifice, and abundant living.

I came home and helped Sadie with math and now it's time for bed. Full day.

Everyone seems to be feeling ok though. Nothing major -- no outbursts, minimal conflict, and cooperation from everyone at least on the most important levels.

And so here we are ... another day done....

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