Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Day Begins

Lots of snow, lots of cold, and lots of nasty little attitudes parading around my house this morning. What were we thinking with this teenager thing.

A lot of people love to adopt a bunch of little kids, and I don't blame them for thinking that if you get them younger it means they will be easier... but the problem isn't now when they are all little. It is in 10 years when they are all teens. TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOWS. Juggling preschool and elementary school schedules is much different than juggling middle and high school schedules, not to mention things like probation, court dates, out of home placements, yada yada yada.

So here we go ... of to deal with another day of 9 kids at home, 6 of them teenagers.... 4 of them in Jr. High... what were we thinking?


cloudmaster said...

Wow! we never had more than 3 at a time and that was enough to drive us to drink. I especially hate the snow days when they are all home. Good Luck!

Our Family said...

Junior high is bad! hubby and I are in shock at the difference in the teachers attitudes, the stricter policies, etc. We have already had a suspension which sent our son into a tailspin which landed him in the hospital. And now I am having to fight to help him get caught up. Amazing...

I have to talk to a bunch of pre adoptive