Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mature Beyond His Years

Leon is such a great kid. Other than the fact that he is horribly unmotivated in school and achieves way below his ability level, there would be no complaints from me about anything about him. Unfortunately, I often forget to highlight good things in our blog, so before I filed this, I thought I'd share the card he bought Bart and I for Christmas:

For Very Special Parents with Thanks for All you Do

Until we're grown, we never know or fully realize
how wonderful our parents are, how gentle and how wise --
We simply take for granted, from day to passing day,
Each sacrifice they make for us in their own loving way...
But as we grow we finally learn, the way that children do,
how much their love has really meant, how thoughtful they've been, too...

And so this comes with all the thanks you both deserve and more,
For there are no dearer parents than the one's this greeting's for!

Merry Christmas with Love Always...

and he simply signed it, Love, Leon

And remember, he came at 12.

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