Monday, December 29, 2008

Another R-Rated Meal

Jimmy came home convinced that someone at school told him that he has a hawk. He thinks it is really funny and believes it is a naughty word "girls want to touch my hawk." We've asked him not to say it, but of course, that is like trying to stop the tide....

Anyway, tonight we were talking about how many boys we had at the table and i finally concluded the discussion by saying "well, Sadie and I are glad we don't have one."

JImmy, by this time, lost in the conversation, thought we were talking about the mini banana cream pies in front of him. "You and Sadie don't have one?" he asked innocently.

Fortunately, everyone helped him understand what was going on before he offered us one.

We would have declined anyway. Sadie and I prefer to be hawk-less.

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Mom of 7 said...

LOL! Only moms of boys can truly understand the humor in this!