Sunday, December 28, 2008

In the Spirit of Talking about the Good Things

If you've followed our blog at all, you know that raising John was an incredible challenge -- one that involved 6 or 7 psych hospitalizations, residential treatment, juvenile detention facilities, the boys ranch, CHIPs petitions, and outbursts of violence that made him unsafe to live in our home. But to his credit, regardless of everything that happened, he never blamed us. He did his share of manipulating the system, but he never once made false allegations nor thought things were our fault.

He is currently doing so well it's amazing he's the same person. Now 18 he is living in a group home and finishing high school. He can come home to visit and never asks to do anything -- thus we never say no, which was his trigger. So we have no issues and he is helpful, pitches in to do housework without being asked, for example, and is very loving.

He too, had a Christmas poem that he either wrote or copied from somewhere that he put in a card for us. He also enclosed this picture of the three of them before they moved in and on the back wrote, "To you, Mom and Dad: I will always be this little boy inside of you and me.... Love always, John."

I love you two so much and I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me, good or bad. So here's a little something I put together for you two because this is a very happy day for all. So that's that -- take a look at the picture. Thank you for taking me in nine years ago.

My love's I have tried with all my being to find and have found.

A form comparable to thy own,
but nothing seems worthy, each facet of being
your being, whether it is physical or spiritual
for you two I will always admire
But I do not wish to release
I wish to stay entrapped forever with you for all eternity, our hearts always as one.

For you two I will always admire, always admire, always.

Love from your son John.


Other Mother said...

I loved reading these two posts! It's been a difficult season at our house, and does me good to be reminded about the other side of what we do. Thanks for sharing the good things!

Torina said...

John is an amazing person. He has come SO far...a success story of huge accomplishments in the making.