Monday, December 29, 2008

Never Enough

Bart preached a very good sermon yesterday about our responsibilities in church and at home .... what we needed to do and why. And I realized how much more I could be doing... or should be doing ... in so many areas of my life. And then I asked myself, "When is enough enough? When can I consider myself to be doing my part in society and in the world?"

And then I further asked myself how there can be adults who are watching 3-4 hours of TV on average a day? I do admit that I am on the computer too much and sometimes the things I am doing are fun, but a lot of the time I am working on something that I feel is going to impact the world or help other people.

So I don't have any answers, but it seems to me ironic that there are those who never seem to be able to do enough and those who don't feel compelled to do anything much..... a few bucks in the salvation army bucket at Christmas and they are good for another year.

20% of the people doing 80% of the work.

I just wish I could determine at what point I'm doing enough and should be satisfied with my contribution.

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debbie said...

your post struck a cord in me, as it is such a sign of the times with the younger generation. i am older than you and raising a family for the second time, but here is my theory for "judging" how successful people are. i look at how their families are doing. the success of an adult to me, is how well their family turned out. this is not to say they have to all be rocket scientists. and with the ones we are raising now, well, no need to go there. i am talking about how much time is put into what the family needs. i am so very unimpressed by 2 parents working all the time and having a beautiful home and their kids are home either alone or with sitters. i am much more impressed with a home where all the family is eating dinner together, curled up on the couch at night, driving kids where they need to go. in other words, what is enough? enough is where your families emotional needs are met, because, you can never go back and raise your family again 'cause you know what you would do different this time. my first 4 were raised on a nickel and a prayer as they say, but i was there. i was there for them and that was always everything to me. they are wonderful human beings and they do not remember the financial as much as they remember me being there. i have to remind them how poor we were. sorry this is long but it just rattles my cage when i read about parents who are more concerned with "me" time then with their family. you only have one shot with your kids. you have your whole life to have "me" time. and i think the mileage on your family vehicle speaks volumes as to where your priorities are! you seem to be constantly driving someone somewhere. so relax and feel good. from what i read, you do a lot for your family.