Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We Can Really Pack it In

Yesterday afternoon was a blur with me making multiple trips to the mall without ever going in it. Several interesting stories there, but the kids had their ideas and I loved to see them being generous, so I was willing to facilitate that, being grateful they were old enough I did not have to go in. I then went to a wrestling match and watched Leon and Ricardo lose their first round. WE had supper, and then Bart went back to watch them both win. Leon by default and Ricardo with points, as mentioned in this article. He has made it into the newspaper this week and on TV twice!! He's feeling pretty cool.

Then today we celebrated two birthdays ... and tonight we'll have two services. Kyle and his girlfriend are here, as is John. Dominyk and Tony were horrible at lunch but we made it through that round and now we just have the services, dinner and Christmas morning before the high anxiety dies down. For some reason they (Tony and Dominyk) just go completely nuts on holidays -- their very worst behavior just pours out everywhere.

Salinda has been very appreciative and helpful and seems quite happy with her gifts, as does Wilson. He is beyond great. The lady at the supermarket today saw his candles and that they come in boxes of 6. "Are you turning 6 today? He looked at her and loudly said, "TEN!"

The other night he was sitting on Bart's lap, looking darling and I was getting ready to make a comment and as though he could read my mind he said, "I"m precious, OK. so DEAL with it!"

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cloudmaster said...

I have only been following your blog a few days, but it is obvious wherre you got the name from! Sounds like an always exciting house!