Saturday, December 06, 2008

My Husband is the GREATEST

You already know that. ANd so do I. But some days he has to take time to really prove it.

Last night we were able to make it to our District Christmas Party and the kids did fine with a little help from our neighbors across the street. It was fun to see him among his colleagues -- he's so personable and charming and witty. Not a "life of the party" kind of guy -- but the kind of guy everyone likes and enjoys talking to. He is kind to everyone and takes time to listen to them. He's a good mingler but not a slimy one, if that makes sense. HIs conversation is genuine and not manipulative. I enjoy watching him and smiling to myself because he's MINE. ;-)

Then this morning we had a not very fun task to accomplish. One of us had to get up and get Ricardo and Leon to the High School by 5:30 a.m. I always tell Bart that I will do something if he doesn't want to and I was preparing to get up on this snowy cold morning. But he agreed to do so and I got to sleep in.

So I'm reminded again of what an amazing man I am privileged

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