Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Saying Goodbye to the Year

2008 has not been our worst by far... in fact it may have been the best of the last five. It obviously wasn't without struggles, but there have been a lot of positive things that have happened as well.

Tonight we had a wonderful meal that Bart prepared and then Mike and Kari came over with Adqam and Anna and we played games and had snacks. Now Dominyk and Wilson are watching a PG movie in our room, while everyone else is watching a PG-13 movie in the living room (minus Leon and Ricardo who left with Adam). Everyone seems to be content at the moment. We will stay up until the ball drops in NYC at 11 and then call it a night. It's been 2009 in China since ten this morning -- maybe we should have just gone with that and we could be in bed aready.

I had a surprise trip to pick up Salinda at her boyfriend's .... I still have not heard the whole story. She is sullen and quiet and I'm not going to pressure her to talk to me until she is ready. She was threatening to leave tonight, but she seems to have settled down.

Another year sounds good to me -- fresh starts are always good.

Kari and I were talking about how maybe we should have some contests in 2009 that our families could actually win. Most broken windows? most arrests? most psycho hospitalizations? Other ideas?


Brenda said...

I hope 2009 brings some great things for you!

Mom of 7 said...

I like this contest, Claudia. How about...Most rages? Most therapist and/or specialist hours logged? Most new gray hairs? Most mornings started with that "sick feeling of dread" in your stomach? Most new holes punched in walls?