Sunday, December 28, 2008

But there is a good thing about kids turning 18

In reading Julie's comment, I remembered that I forgot to note that we still do look forward to that 18th birthday. Not because it gets easier, but because it is different. We are no longer legally responsible. It is such a freedom to know that there will be no more threats to our financial situation because of the behavior of our children. It's great realizing that the Child Protection System is not going to sweep in and blame us for what they have been doing. We are no longer required by law to feed or clothe them or let them live with us.

And so yes, that makes it a relief... it is different world when you don't have to worry about those things -- a kind of freedom -- but it also makes it morally ambiguous.

So 18 is not a solution, but it is a relief. So keep counting the days Julie. ;-)

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Julie said...

Thanks, I actually needed to read this yesterday. We had a not so good day...

Marissa got money for Christmas and thought it would be nice to buy her and her "boyfriend" tickets to The Phantom of the Opera at the Orpheum Theater in May. They are only sold in pairs. I suspect that single tickets may be hard to sell. Who wants to go to the theater alone? Problem: neither drive. That is okay because you can buy yourself two tickets and drive us back in forth. They ONLY cost $180. No.

Then, my husband commented that her room was half way organized. She had spent most of the day on Christmas cleaning it. Message sent: I recognize that you worked on your room. It is looking pretty good, but there are signs of deterioration. Message received: I spent all day cleaning and I did a bad job.

Result of these two parental assaults -- passive aggressive behavior, throwing things in her room, non-compliance, tirades which caused falls and injuries. I suppose I should be glad that all she broke was a $9 pair of headphones.

I am so tired. I don't know how you do it with more than one. I have three children, but only one has FASD.