Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Christmas Letter

Please check out our Christmas letter for 2008. If you're a faithful blog reader, you know it all anyway, but you might just want to have a look.

Or as some of the bumpkins from Minnesota say, have a looksy. Or is that a look-see?

I don't know, I never say that!


momonamisson said...

Let me preface this by not only am I am Minnesota "bumpkin" but what some may refer too as a "country bumpkin" so I felt the need to research the term looksy. It is not a term I use but I have heard it before but heard it used profusely when I live on the east coast in a large city. Well the geek in me crawled out and I actually found it in merriam webster's here is the listing:

Main Entry: look–see
Pronunciation: \ˈlu̇k-ˈsē, -ˌsē\
Function: noun
Date: 1883
: a general survey : evaluation , inspection

Here is the link:

I hope you can appreciate this educational opportunity as well as I did it gave me quite a laugh, I spent 15 minutes researching....LOL

Your Christmas letter is great thanks for sharing. I say I am doing one every year....well maybe next year.

So for all the other bumpkins out there come take a look-see at my blog.........

Torina said...

Claudia, you did an excellent job! Love the layout and design!