Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Attempting to Prioritize

As I was driving home from the YMCA this morning (without Kari -- you'll have to ask her about why I was greeted by her not-so-fully-clothed husband instead of her this morning) I was thinking about today and all the things that I need to do this week... and concluding that half of them really had to be done TODAY. Problem is, today isn't going to be long enough.

One of the things that suffers when I am swamped is my blog and I apologize. It gets neglected when things are crazy. This morning we are going to find out the gender of our grandchild when we accompany Salinda to her ultrasound. THen I begin parenting alone for 5 days. I have to be able to prioritize very carefully and use every minute I have to get things done.

However, this morning I returned home to discover that I have something that has jumped to the very top of the list. I have misplaced our only van key and thus, I will be putting that at the top of my list.


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Mama Drama Times Two said...

Life helps us prioritize even when we sometimes can't!!!! Good luck this week. Oh - Your link appears to have posted on my blog...I am surprised I did it without mishap.