Monday, August 17, 2009

Pay Later

We always have to pay later. Apparently, things were a little crazy while we were gone. The neighbors garden was trashed and Dominyk was doing all kinds of strange things that apparently his siblings didn't notice. We had a PCA that worked for many of the days, but there was one day when coverage was shaky and apparently he was in the neighbors yard. I felt really bad when I was given the tour by a neighbor who has had a garden for 30 years without any problems.

Then we started hearing other things from the kids about weapons made out of glass, and Dominyk playing "Serial killer" games with Wilson in the neighborhood and other such odd stuff. He has an appointment tonight at 7 -- an emergency psych visit. Hopefully he will get on some medications and soon!

The kids of course have been denying their involvement in some of the other things that were reported and we've had a long conversation with John's P.O. this morning which caused some stress.

I am glad that I am learning how to better manage my stress, because I have a ton right now. But the one lesson we have learned, is that if we enjoy something without our kids, we end up paying later.

Let's just say today is pay day.


Miz Kizzle said...

Oh, your poor neighbor! What did D, say? Did he fess up?

Claudia said...

Dominyk did confess.... and he is working to earn money to pay the guy for part of it at least.