Sunday, August 09, 2009

First Giveaway Ever

This is the first time I am going to offer a giveaway on my blog and no, it is NOT this gorgeous boy. Sorry, you can't have them.

But I'm hoping that some of you are really wishing that you had the money to buy one of the first 100 books printed, and just can't swing it right now. (I"m hoping you're wishing for a book, not that you can't swing it financially. Geez, people.).

If that is the case, then you could be the lucky winner of one of those first 100 books. All you need to do is comment and answer the following questions:

Tell me your connection to adoption and/or foster care if you have one and then how you happened upon my blog. Also, choose a number between 1 and 300 that hasn't yet been taken by another commenter.

When we return from the FART (Fletcher Awesome Road Trip) on August 17th, the adorable young man in the picture above will choose a number between 1 and 300 and the closest one will win. If there is a tie, I"ll figure it out then.

Happy Commenting. (and by the way, we'll also throw in a bookmark like the one above. If I remember to include it).


FerJeniB said...

my husband and I are two years into our fostering journey. We got our license with the intent to foster/adopt his cousin's baby (which didn't work out) and then decided during licensing to foster older children. Everyone thought we were nuts as we had never parented before, but we are very happy with out decision and have had four placements: one teenage girl (which nearly did me in), a lovely/fun/energetic 9 year old boy (who is now 11 and still with us and was our reward for the teenage girl) and two teenage brothers who have been with us 6 months (both brilliant, handsome and FUN even with the baggage, etc.)
I found your blog through google which took me to your story when I was looking on help and advice with parenting teens. (You and Bart were the answer to my prayers!)
I chose 134 for my number.

Have a great time in Columbus (my home town) - J

Sheri said...


I have an adopted son from foster care who also has FAS. I happened here through the other Fletcher blog! :)

Process said...

I work in child protective services and have been reading your blog for several years.

I pick number 257.

Just Me said...

I will pick number 44.

I think I found your blog through "Foster Ima".

Long story short since this is my first time out of "lurkerville" parents played softball with a single woman who had foster/adopted children when I was in elementary school. I baby-sat them quite often. We did a sort of "respite foster care" for a while when I was in high school (my dad wanted to adopt, my mom did not...) Ever since I met that family, I always thought I'd like to be a foster mom. I took classes in April 2008, but am moving very slowly so am not yet licensed...I am letting things happen in God's time and believe that if the "right kid" comes along, I will know and things will work out the way they are "supposed to".

I enjoy reading about life in your "never dull" household...happy travels! Good luck with the book selling!


adopted1 said...

Hi. I am not new to the world of adoption. I was adopted from an orphanage myself and after marriage we chose to grow our family through adoption. We chose special needs/high risk infants both from the hospital and from foster care and now have four children who are the light of our lives. Homeschooling was NOT a part of my big dream but God's plans are better than mine and what was once a reluctant stumble into homeschooling is now a joy and a blessing. I came upon your blog via Cindy's Big Mamma blog, which I came to via a friend's recommendation. My number of choice is 299. Blessings on your journey, Jennifer

Tiruba said...

Howdy doo. We have three kids via foster adoption. My worker connected me with Linda up north as a mentor and I found you through her blog. It was because of you, Kari and Linda that I decided to start blogging. The number I choose is 13.

Patty said...


My name is Patty. I have been a lurker to your site for countless months now, and this is the first time I have ever commented. Not that I haven't wanted to, but internet shy :). I found your web site through a search for blogs relating to foster families and special needs children. I am a single mom of three adopted children (all full siblings,) 2 from foster care (ages 7 and 5) and the youngest(19 months)as a private adoption. God has blessed me three fold, despite all the baggage and disabilites.
I just want to thank you for your blog. It not only allows me to sneak a peek into your family, but has made me feel it is safe to feel sadness, anger and frustration and joy in the midst of the seemingly unending chaos.

Carol said...

I found your blog through another blog. My connection to fostering and adopting: Well, my husband and I want to foster/adopt someday, but we're not ready for that yet. We have no desire to have our own children because our perspective is that there are SO MANY kids out there that are in dire need of a loving home. Why not venture down that road versus having some of our own? We are a few years off from fostering or adopting and we are trying to do our homework ahead of time.

The number I choose: 174

nancy said...

After two bios, one miscarriage, another bio weighing 9lb.3oz, we decided it was time to fulfill our lifelong dream of adopting a child. Our first adoption turned out to be a 12 day old US newborn, followed by four Guatemaltecans, also affectionately known as the "yayhoos". Our two sons both came home at 4yrs, two years apart. Followed much redtape, waiting, and two daughters in two years, home at 10.5yrs and 11yrs. Just returned from a camping trip with seven of our eight plus a son-in-law. Husband and I are discovering our need to revisit some of the earlier experiences with had with our older kids, hence the purchase of an airbed for another round of tent camping. Half of them haven't seen some of the great places we did with the first half. Fortunately for hubby and I, with age comes memory loss. It will be like seeing things for the first time!

How did I come across your blog? I think you shamelessly promoted it at some point in our friendship, Claudia. Thanks for keeping me laughing since we met you through Jimy!

My lucky number in 2nd grade was 52, winning me a large purple and yellow construction paper rabbit off the bulletin board. That's my choice. I already ordered my copy, but if I win, I'll pass it on or put it in our local library.

An idea for you. Would your kids consider putting their signature to the first page of their chapters? How's that for upping the value of an already valuable piece of literature?

If our daughter was back on her campus in OH, I'd warn her that a FART was headed her way. She's safely in PA for another few weeks.

Nancy in Iowa...trying to learn about TWEET, so I can follow FART

Lindy said...

We have adopted 4 through the state.The oldest age when placed was just shy of12, the youngest was just shy of 6. Our kiddos have the normal dx's. You know,FAS,ODD,PTSD RAD etc,etc. I found you through Cindy Bodie's blog.
I'll pick # 27

waitingarms said...

Found your blog through a google search and love its humor and wit! We are adopting three children through foster care though a kink has been thrown into the plans. Hoping not to lose my mind in the next year as the legal process runs its course - thankfully I will have a few minutes of escape reading your blog, and hope to remember to see the humor even in those dark situtations.

I choose number 6.

marythemom said...


I am an adoptive parent of 2 children with RAD (and bipolar disorder, complex PTSD, ADD/ADHD, ODD, learning disabilities...).

To be honest I don't remember how I found your blog, but I've been following it for a long time.

We are beyond broke, and I would love to have a copy of your book!

Mary in TX

Mom to biokids Ponito(10) and his sister Bob(13)
Sibling pair adoptive placement from NE 11/06
Finally finalized on Kitty(14) on 3/08 - 2 weeks before her 13th birthday!
Finalized on her brother Bear(16) 7/08. He turned 15 the next day.

" Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain."

Sig said...

I have an adopted daughter and a foster daughter (and 6 bios). Hoping to adopt more)

SocialWkr24/7 said...

I am a social worker who works with foster and adopted children. I believe I found your blog through Lisa Amos!

I pick 273!

Anonymous said...


My husband and I adopted two teenage boys. I found your blog after a friend told me about it a few years ago.

dusobrown said...

I found your blog through Yondalla's and have been reading for a while now. My partner and I have (so far) three boys who were adopted through foster care.
I choose nuber 64.

dusobrown said...

I found your blog through Yondalla's and have been rading for a while. My partner and I have three boys (so far) who were adopted through foster care.
I choose number 64.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

We have been fostering since 2005 -first as child specific to a teen aged girl, then later as an open foster home. We have adopted an amazing 10 year old boy this past fall who came to us 2 years ago through foster care. We have fostered 12 children aged 4 - 21 and have a bio son - who is almost 20. We hope to adopt two or three more school aged children and are interested in sibling groups.

We happened upon your blog through another blog (Cindy??? Lisa??? not sure) while trying to learn more about RAD froma fostering/adoption perspective.

I love your blog and he way you make me laugh. Enjoy your much deserved vacation!!!!!

We chose # 173

Linda up north said...


We have adopted four kiddos (facilitated by you!) from the foster care system.
I can no longer remember how I started reading your blog. Maybe from Amanda in Iowa when you first started trying to match us 5 or so years ago??

Mary said...

Me: adopted.
Three children: adopted.
One in the wings: waiting to be adopted.
Brother: adopted.
Grandmother-in-law: adopted.
Uncle-in-law: adopted.

Want more?

I choose 63.

Donna said...

We had been married for 10 yrs .. and sort of just accepted we wouldn't be parents .. one day I was talking with a girl from work and she explained how she was adopted from the county.. It looked into and called our county office and set up the appointment.Thrilled to be on the waiting list .. then frustrated that we weren't getting picked.. then we got the call on our 9 yr old .. he was 6 mo old at the time .. for our 3 yr old .. we had always kept our file open but never thought we would get another baby.. but we brought her home from the hosp.
The first time we met you was at a support group prior kids..guess we have known you now for 10 yrs ..
I used to just email you to vent or ask questions then one day I tripped across your blogs -- it has been so helpful and encouraging to see into your world.
Everyday I check in to see what is new.

Nobody said...

Our family adopted a sibling group of three older girls. They have been with us for nearly three years. I found you twice...once through Cindy Bodie, and again through an article you wrote, posted on the Foundation for Large Families (I think). I pick 7.

ThomasVille said...

I pick #11. I've been following your blog for a few months now. I think I found your blog Googling for adoption blogs. My parents did foster care for many years. All my siblings are adopted. My husband and I have adopted 7 children. (1 private, 6 from the foster care system; two sets of siblings (boy/boy, girl/boy) and two singles). Just finalized on the adoption of our latest two additions in May. Working on adopting 1 more. :-) Enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your adventures. :-) We live in AZ. My dad grew up in Holbrook.

Lee said...

I am an adoptive parent of 4 children legally, but I consider myself a parent of 5. One of my son's bio sisters was supposed to be adopted by us as well. She couldn't live with us but in my heart she is my daughter and we still have contact. So my lucky number is 5!

I forget how i found your blog but I love it and draw inspiration from some of the issues that you face with one of your kids that are very similar to issues I face with one of my kids.

~*~Hallie~*~ said...


I am a 27 year old single mom to a bio 6 year old boy. I have 6 siblings altogether from a combined marriage and adoption. When I was 12 my parents began the foster to adopt process in my home state of FL. We took in an 18 month old little girl for about a week as an emergency placement. After that my parents got a call from a family friend who knew a birth mom looking for an adoptive family. And so, when I was 3 weeks shy of 14, my brother was born and then adopted. He is now 13 and my parents have decided to adopt again but want an older child/children. We now live in NC and I have taken the foster classes and done the homestudy with them, as we all live together. We had a placement last week that fell through 4 days before they were to arrive, which was very heartbreaking for my mother, but we have faith that God is in control and knows what He's doing.:) I would like to also adopt in the future.
I find your blog so true to life. The way you talk about Dominyk reminds me so much of my brother. Some times I laugh out loud, not because its funny, but because I'm amazed that someone else knows what its like! I would love to read your book. Thanks for this giveaway.:) God Bless Ya'll!

Lorraine said...

Number 3

I have followed your blog for a number of years. i can't remember how I found it, but am glad I did. You and Bart are an inspiration.

My husband and I began fostering in the 1970's. We fostered long and short-term over many years and many children. Of course, the system was very different back then ! I really enjoy reading blogs of other foster and adoptive parents. Some break your heart - some make you cry laughing. Thanks for both !!

dorothy said...

We are a family of 12 - 2 adults/3 bio's/7adopted and a spare 19 year old semi-foster son if he isn't choosing to be homeless, angry at me or in some embarassing situation. I follow your blog through Julie at blessedby10. Our life fluctuates between crazy and just plain strange as we work with neighbors ministering in the innercity. Masquarading as homeschooling soccer moms by day and the suplimentary police force in skirts by night - there are at least 30 hours in every day and few unbroken nights of sleep.
Reading is my main escape - in the bathroom with the door locked if necessary!

Blessings - love your blog and hope to read your book.
I like the number 276.

Robin said...


We are foster parents. So far, we have adopted 1 of our foster children. I hope to adopt a sibling group once our kids are older.
We have 2 bio children and, God willing, will welcome another bio child in April.

I don't remember how I found your blog. It has been a few years. It was probably from clicking on links from other adoptive blogs.

G said...

Hi from SC,
This is my first time reading your blog-glad to have stumbled on it from another blog. Have been reading Bart's for a while. Hooked by the UMC connection as I am a UM PK.
We are the adoptive parents of a beautiful 14 month old boy-adopted transracially and domestically. He has been with us since he was 2 days old.
During my recent schooling to become MFT/LPC, I "worked"/"learned" at a group home and a residential treatment center. The adolescent boys I worked with exhibited many of the same characteristics that Bart and other bloggers have described.
Thank you for the opportunity to have your book. Student loans repayment began in June:::)))

Brandy Richardson said...

I received an email about your book and joined your facebook where I found a link to your blog!
We were foster parents and had several kids come and go. One was with us for three years and we wanted to adopt her so badly but they gave her back to the bio mother where her step dad then molested her...She was removed again after a year. Now she is with her bio father who wasn in Prison when we had her. At that point we decided we could not handle the heart ach of being foster parents.
We have been waiting to adopt for 22 months and finally have a match! She is One year one and we will be picking her up soon! We are so excited!
And I pick Number 1