Monday, August 17, 2009

Congratulations, Adopted1 (Jennifer)

Whoever you are, you won the giveaway. Unless I really screwed up... Leon picked 296 and Adopted1 chose 299. So, she/he wins the book.

And now, for a special surprise. In a couple days I am going to increase the price of the book on the website, but for those of you who joined the giveaway contest, you can order it for $14.00 including shipping and handling. This is barely above cost for us by the time we pay to ship and everything . Just go to the website and order it for $15, but when you pay, just send $14.00

Starting the end of the week the book is going to go to it's regular price of $13.95 plus shipping and handling, which is about $3.50.

Thanks for participating in my first giveaway.....

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