Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Think I'll Wait

Even though I slept 9 hours last night, I'm exhausted. We left the conference early and saw a movie and had a quick Chinese buffet for supper. I was asleep by 10. I stopped to get some Benadryl and eye drops for my allergy/stye problem and it really knocked me out. I'm still groggy this morning.

I usually blog about the meaning of NACAC but I think I will wait until I am feeling more positive. Right now one of my eyes is kinda swollen shut, we're leaving the conference early to get Mike home, I'm "low" on Benadryl after affects, and few people were as excited about my book as I was. And the next three weeks before school starts (don't even leave a comment that your kids have already started ... unless you'd like some serious repercussions) are going to be beyond hectic. Bart is leaving for five days to see his sister and I know some of the kids are really going to need a lot of attention. My email is piled up and and I have some major projects for work, as well as all of my August visits to make in the next two weeks.

So I"m going to save my How was NACAC post for another day. I'm not feeling positive about anything in the world at the moment, so I don't want to be negative about something that is so great.

We will travel a full day today -- getting as far as Wisconsin and going a different route than how we came. I doubt I'll have much energy to tweet and besides, it just makes me miss Kari.

We had word last night that the neighbor had to take Dominyk in because he had a reaction to his medication and we found that John has already broken one of the minor guidelines we gave him. Transitioning home tomorrow wont' be fun.

ANd so now you have my down side. Fortunately for you (and for me!) my upside will return soon.

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Tiruba said...

My son is reading what I am writing at the moment. I guess I can't swear then. Ha ha ha. Sorry you are having a bad day. I really do think you could sell more books if you told "your momma" jokes at book signings. Priceless marketing advice that is. You owe me $200.