Monday, August 10, 2009

This May Not Seem Like A Big Deal to Anyone Else

But the Book now has an ISBN Number. Every book that is to be sold in bookstores, either online or real ones that you walk into, it has to have an ISBN number.

So now ours does. And that means that when we get some more printed we can start to have them listed online and sell them in bookstores.

And that was unnecessary, repetitious and redundant.

But anyway, I think it's cool.

And if you see the $13.95 and are concerned you got ripped off if you paid $15.00, remember that you get free shipping and you didn't pay tax).

All this stuff is so exciting. And so time consuming. But also exciting.


Yondalla said...

Are you going to put it on the Kindle?

Oh, and congratulations.

Claudia said...

Not sure. If we can sell 500, then a publisher will pick it up and they can do all that.

Right now, a Kindle copy would require a different ISBN # and they aren't cheap.

Tiruba said...

Congrats!! That is very cool!