Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Should Have Been a Prosecuting Attorney

I am an amazing interrogator, let me just say that.

I should have been a prosecuting attorney.


Linda B said...

I would have liked to have heard this one!

nancy said...

I also could have joined you in that profession, but I do it for free at our house. My dear husband, whom you know, can have all the evidence before him and still believe in the goodness and honesty of his child. He'll say something like, "If he (usually it's a he and one he in particular) says he didn't do, he didn't do it!" OK. Hmmm. I press the issue, I know it's a lie, have all the physical evidence I need to see to come to the obvious conclusion. I can see it in the child's eyes and the way they are presenting themselves (they should have hired a good defense attorney before they took on mom). I guess it takes both kinds. A kid needs someone on each end of the spectrum to balance him/her in the middle. Or maybe if they had a "kinder, gentler" mom, they wouldn't feel the need to hide?

You know my husband is great, so you know how thankful I am for him...I just sometimes can't believe what he can't see! Oh well. But in his defense, he took the same he I was referring to above to visit the principle at his home one evening, to return the stolen merchandise from the book fair. It had taken most of the evening to convince the child to confess, to understand I would never in all eternity believe his far fetched story as to how it got in his book bag, and for the dad to see the truth for what it was. The irony of it was, it was a spy kit with an alarm for your no one would steal your stuff! Our son has since matured and does not appear to be headed for a life of crime. Way to go, Dad and
Mr. Tough but Understanding Principle!
Nancy in Iowa