Monday, June 21, 2010

I am Alive!

My dad, age 87, with Gabby...

Finally sleeping. ;-)

My mom, 81 and always upbeat.

Gabby's first experience with a high chair. We had to finally take her out of it because this is all she did!

At Denny's so I can have internet and post pictures and let you know that we are alive. Other than a 60 minute trip to the store on a Sunday to buy a thermometer to prove that Gabby did not have a temperature. Other than that we've had a nice stay.

Church yesterday has a story you'll enjoy. I was playing the piano because it was the best option they had there (which is sad). My mother was leading the service, and she asked for people to give tributes to their fathers. I stood up to talk about my father's great sense of humor (he is now almost 88 and still sharp as a tack and full of funny things to say. My two daughters were giggling way louder than they usually do at my stories and as I sat down at the piano bench to play a hymn I had never heard, they pointed in such a way to show me what was making them laugh. Apparently, a knee-high nylon had gone awry in the washer and was falling out of the sleeve of my short sleeve dress for all to see. That's me. So there you have it -- sophisticated me in a different church, nylon dangling. I couldn't even focus on the music I was giggling so much.

My Mom and Dad are awesome people. If you are a new blog reader you don't know their story. You can read it here. They are having fun getting to know Gabby and are very regimented in their routine. so we are just going with the flow. Above, some pictures for your enjoyment.


Cindy said...

Gabby is so incredibly gorgeous!

Kari said...

Love the nylon story and that picture of Gabby sleeping is ADORABLE.

Miss you!

Marge said...

I want a new baby in our family. Guess I have to wait for great grands! Gabby is absolutely beautiful and I'd love to snuggle her! Hope your trip is going well. What a fun girls trip!

Lee said...

OMG Gabby is more beautiful each day. Her eyes just slay me!

Little Wonder said...

Awwwww, such sweet pictures and what wonderful memories you are capturing for your family!

Linda B said...

I LOVE that picture of your dad with Gabby! Look at those expressions!