Friday, June 11, 2010

Proving his Point...

Yes, it has been as calm as I predicted it would. This week has been very mellow, even with the transition from school to summer. The noise level is way down and everyone seems to be quite calm most of the time. Certainly there are typical teenage behaviors, but the consistent arguing has almost dissipated. Everyoneandawhile Dominyk and Jimmy will go at it, but for the most part, Dominyk and Jimmy both seem kind of lost without Tony and Rand to argue with, provoke, and be provoked by.

The minor children that we have at home this summer have made great choices in regards to the friends they have and so they are busy connecting with them and off doing their own thing. Last night everyone but Wilson went to youth group and so we asked him if he'd like to go out to dinner with us, and allowed him to choose the place. He couldn't pick a place though, so we chose to go to the new "Pita Pit" in town, and meet the Coffee Gang for dinner. Suddenly Wilson was quite displeased with us, refused to eat at what he pronounced the PItta PIt, and sat and pouted the whole meal, glaring at us. He's not all that cute when he pouts.

But it's a nice relief to have pouting and silence as opposed to raging and threats of violence. Normal stuff almost.

This morning everyone who is home is still asleep and I'm enjoying a morning with no appointments. Yesterday I scheduled a ton of them for the summer.

Yesterday, Jimmy told Dominyk, "You're more retardeder than me." I wonder how well that goes in proving his point.

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