Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Office

Not the show, but mine. This past fall we opened a local office for Permanent Family Resource Center. Previously there had been "local offices" but they were really in my home office, which was not conducive to things like student interns (kinda hard to say, oops, sorry, please step over that huge laundry pile and come on in.)

So now I actually can "go to work" and have a place where i am uninterrupted. In fact, it's always scarily quiet here as this office happens to be in a building where most of the other units aren't rented. So literally nobody is around. I can get a lot done, but it certainly isn't like most people's experience of going to an office.

This morning I am enjoying a family's excitement via phone as they have the last staffing before they leave to get their new kids. When I first met them they greeted me with the statement "We know we want an infant or a toddler, and that we do NOT want to adopt out of foster care." After knowing them for an hour, I explained to them why I felt they might be wrong. At the end of this month they are getting a sibling group of 3 and one of them is 15! I'm so excited for them ... but not as excited as they are. They are completely up for this challenge and the kids are SO fortunate to be finding a home.

Other activities of the day include hopefully getting organized and back on track with all of my various work related tasks. I made some great progress yesterday, and I'm hoping by the end of today that I will be feeling confident again that all my loose ends are getting tied up and I'm ready to keep moving.

I need to get organized so I can carve out a few minutes a day to write again....


Shantra said...

Mamma God h as given you an awsome gift..You inspire me daily tu keep reaching for my full potential and to remember that Gods plans are bigger then mine! enjoy the quiet!!!!! and have a great day!

J. said...

I think you could convince a lot of people to change their perspective, you are good like that, I would in fact go as far to say taht you are an enabler but in a good way!
Enjoy the quiest