Friday, June 18, 2010

Right up Tornado Alley

Sadie and I made it to our hotel about 5 and were supposed to be leaving for the shower about 5:45. There was a tornado warning in effect in the county we were leaving, but Bart said he thought we'd be fine and so we headed out a little late because the warning expired at 5:45. However, we got about 10 miles down the road and heard that the path of the tornado which had been sighted was going straight up the road we were on. The exact path of our journey.

I remained inwardly calm for Sadie's sake, but figured we were better off getting there than trying to find a place to stop (which probably wasn't very smart). However, we made it safely.

The shower was very nice. Our future daughter-in-law has a wonderful family and a very supportive church. We made it back to the hotel safely and are now heading to pick up Salinda and Gabby and heading home. We leave tomorrow for Arizona.

More later... I hope.

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