Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Morning Conversation

Jimmy is walking out of the bathroom with that bathroom's tube of public use toothpaste and MY toothbrush.

JImmy, did you use my toothbrush?


Give it to me.

(He hands it to me and fortunately it is dry.)

Were you going to use it?


So you were walking to the basement sink with my toothbrush and some toothpaste but you weren't going to use it. Were you going to hold it? Look at it? PLay with it?

No, I was going to brush my teeth with it.

Jimmy, that's using it.

Well I don't have a toothbrush.

But that's gross. Just because you don't have one doesn't mean you can take someone else's.

(He starts to walk away)

Where are you going?

Upstairs to brush my teeth.

But you don't have a toothbrush? Are you going to go steel the one I have in the upstairs bathroom too?

No, Dad has some new ones in your bedroom.

So why didn't you use one of those in the first place?

He shrugs and walks upstairs. After my shower I call up to him.

Jimmy, give me the toothpaste.


Because I need to brush my teeth.

(He throws it down to me and I explain to Bart that he had tried to rip off my toothbrush to which he replies)

That's not true. She's been using MINE.

No JImmy, I've been using the same one for four months. You have NOT been using that toothbrush.

(Oh wow. This is one of the few times I have wished with all my heart that one of my children was lying).


Kari said...


Miz Kizzle said...

That is nasty.
You can get toothbrushes with names printed on them or you can buy some of the new single-use toothbrushes that have toothpaste/breath freshener already on them. All you need is water and you're good to go. My DH uses them on overnight bike trips.

Little Wonder said...

I think you should buy a princess toothbrush for yourself. That way any teenage boy would surely leave it alone, right? ;) said...

sharing toothbrushes is an ick, but for me sharing toothpaste is an ick too. Think about it, people's toothbrush covered in dry spit rubbing against the edges of the toothpaste tube... I go to the dollar store and buy a dozen at a time :)It cuts down on spreading cold germs too.
ps, I would be hiding my brand new toothbrush in my night stand from now on.

Kar said...

Ahhh....yes, yet another rite of passage for adoptive parents. I never brush without rinsing my toothbrush REALLY well first. Last week there was a funny taste on my toothbrush, and I'm convinced it wasn't coincidental that the 9 year old was mad at me at the same time. Just wait until you are back to the days of the toddler dipping it in the toilet.

Annystribe said...

I am sitting her giggling at the conversation....

Been there, done that, and of course I love it when they got even and told me after the fact that they scrubbed their tennis shoes with MY toothbrush for not letting them taking mine....

We had sharpie markers on toothbrushes and they still managed to "borrow" someone elses and it wasn't in "their" hand.

Someone was hallucinating once again!!