Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Morning in Church (or Squirrels? SQUIRRELS????)

This morning several churckles were brought to me courtesy of my children. (photo above is one I discovered this week as I was going through old pictures for the wedding slide show. It was the day he lost his first tooth)

After dropping the rest off at the front door, Dominyk rode with me to park the car and somehow I started to talk to him about my first cat that our family got when I was about five. His name was Bimbo. Dominyk asked about the name and said it was really stupid. I said, "Hey, it came from a song I liked when I was five." I sang it for him:

Bimbo, Bimbo, whatcha gonna do-ee-o
Bimbo, Bimbo whereya gonna go-ee-o
Bimbo, Bimbo, does your mama know?
You're goin down the road to see a little girl-ee-o.

He shook his head, and said, "That's just tragic."


When we got to church, I sat next to Leon, who was next to Sadie and WIlson. WIlson and Leon both freaked out again at the sight of my crooked toe, which WIlson reminded me, gives him nightmares. (see original story here)


Bart asked in his sermon, "Have you ever had a grown child come up to you and admit that you're right?" What do you do, after, of course, you've picked yourself off the floor. Leon leaned over and said, "If that ever happened to you, you wouldn't be able to get yourself off the floor.


And finally, Bart mentioned in his sermon that he and Kyle had gone to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Science Museum on Friday. Domink leaned over and said, "Squirrels? Sea Squirrels? I've never hear of Sea Squirrels. Why would they go see them if they were dead?

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Tracy said...

I know that song too! Used to sing it with my grandpa.