Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday afternoon

All of our kids who currently live within less than an hour of us were in church this morning. We went out to lunch to celebrate Bart's birthday and for Father's Day, his birthday and our anniversary I gave him an Ipad, which is very cool and he is setting up right now. A brief unpleasant interchange with one of the adult kids was the only ugly part of our morning, and it was resolved via text within the hour.

I'm finding that texting sometimes is easier to deal with because I can choose my words more carefully. I'm currently attempting to keep my mouth shut and every ugly interchange that we have is because I don't do that. I need to buy a muzzle. But with texting I can decide exactly what I want to say. I find myself deleting a lot of the words that I want to text before I send them, and it is usually better that I do.

It's very strange only having 7 kids living here. Sometimes this last few months we had 11 kids, a baby, and sometimes a boyfriend or girlfriend spending the night. Now we're down to 7 with one of them gone almost all the time, it really feels like an empty house. It's so nice and quiet.

My anxiety seems to go in cycles. I feel a lot of it, and then I remind myself to let it go and take a deep breath, and then it seems to die off for a bit. I think I'm ready to take a break from the intense anxiety for a a day or two.

Tomorrow we find out if John and his gf are having a boy or a girl. I'm taking them to the doctor.

And this afternoon? I am trying to make a plan. I think maybe I'm just going to make my own plan that doesn't require anyone else's cooperation.

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You GO!