Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What's More American than Baseball

i actually had quite a productive morning. Finally.

And today was Bart's birthday, so tonight we decided to go out to eat with whoever was home. Leon, Wilson, Bart and I had a great time at a nice restaurant. They are quite delightful boys. You can tell that Wilson has been watching too much Food Network with Bart though as he was telling us how many stars should be given for the "plating" of the food.

Jimmy and Dominyk went to the Twins game tonight with a group from church and they seem to be having a great time. WE sent Dominyk's PCA just in case, and got a text from one of our friends with the picture above saying that he is doing great.

After dinner and a few rides here and there, we settled in to watch the cutest kid ever play his game. He did well. Now we're home, settling down with only two kids here at the moment. Seems quite weird.

Trying to sync the Ipad and then I'll be ready to head up and get some rest. ;-)


Lee said...

Great pics! And happy birthday a day late to Bart. My 6 y/o adores watching Cake Boss and has a whole "bake shop" set up where he creates cakes out of legos, gear toys and bendaroos to try and out do the ones on the show. Thus, Wilson's rating the plating cracked me up!

Cindy said...

NOTHING'S more American and NOTHING'S better than baseball. There I've said it.

Mike and Diane said...

Great pictures! Don't you just love baseball, it's so universal and it's a language and feeling everyone feels and shares. Happy Birthday Bart!

GZimmy said...

I just picked *me* out of the photo of Dominyk. My daughter and I were on the same bus and were sitting down a couple rows and 10-12 seats over. Had a great time! And it was nice to have Jimmy and Dominyk along! (But you forgot to mention that the Twins won.)