Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh What A Night!

Bart and I were in attendance at a 50th Wedding Anniversary Picnic for some of the most wonderful people I've ever met. And it was a classic demonstration of the biblical statement, "The rain falls on the just and the unjust" because their celebration was cut way way way too short with the coming tornados. We came home and sat watching the TV in the living room and seeing the storm through the window until finally moving to the lower level of the house. That's when the electricity went out. Jimmy and Dominyk were the only ones home and we sat in the dark waiting for the storm to pass. Then the obsession with the electricity began.

"When is the electricity going to go back on? Shouldn't you call Excel Energy and tell them to come over and fix it? Why doesn't the TV work? Why doesn't the fridge work? What about the Wii? My clock radio? Why is it so hot, does the air conditioning run on electricity?" When is the electricity going to be on? Did you call them

The storm passed and we took a drive out of boredom. Mike had come home and was also bored enough to ride along, so the five of us surveyed the damage and continued to be reminded by Dominyk through the whole drive that if we wanted the electricity back on we really should call Excel Energy and have them come look at it. No matter how many times we tried to explain it we still couldn't get him to figure it out.

We arrived back home by 9:30 but the electricity still wasn't on. Now it was getting very dark in the house and Dominyk was scared. He kept asking how much longer until the electricity would be back on. Finally we couldn't take it any more and sent him to his room.

The night was a weird one. Bart uses a C-Pap regularly so he couldn't sleep well, so he went from room to room, recliner, to recliner, back to bed. I slept, but was so hot and so unused to the silence that I did not sleep well at all.

Finally, at 8:45 this morning, over 13 hours later, we had electricity.

OCD, tornados, and the electricity off is not a combination I want to experience again very soon. Sorry for the repeat joke for those of you who are on facebook, but at one point last night Dominyk said, "Everything seems to run on electricity!" to which Bart responded, "Everything but your mouth!"

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