Friday, September 09, 2011

At Least I'm Recognizing My life a Bit More

Yesterday was one of those Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Days, the kind Alexander had. Nothing too tragic, but a series of dumb icky things

-like me forgetting to take Wilson's first day of school picture yesterday...

-and me making another typo that sent mail in the wrong place -- since I started my new job in January this has happened 3 times after never happening at all the previous 8 years I've done this work...

-- and me getting hit by a soccer ball at Ricardo's game and breaking my expensive zoom list on my camera

-- and Dominyk having a huge meltdown right after school where chairs were turned over, walls were punched, and I was threatened... and after all that the homework still didn't get done

-- and me waiting for an hour longer than planned for Sadie to give her a ride home from work only to find out that she had texted me that a friend was coming to pick her up, except that my phone had died and I didn't get the text,

- and having to warm up a delicious meal of London Broil steak and baked potatoes and eat it by myself at 9 p.m. even though Bart did come and sit with me for a few minutes, I missed family time

- and my lap band deciding to work so that the London Broil got lodged somewhere in my esophogus or other body tube and I won't finish that sentence

... and so I really was wanting to move to Australia by the end of the night, kind of, except that I'm so incredibly fat that I would probably not survive on a plane for 21 hours, and that's a whole other story....

So... I was really happy when that day was over and I could say goodbye to it.

And now, today, it's a new day.

And that's a beautiful thing. Kind of like my daughter...


Kathleen said...

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robyncalgary said...

Some days are like that. Even in Australia.