Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm not sure that my kids are making progress, I suppose they are, slowly but surely, but I am for sure.

Yesterday at lunch I got this text from our daughter who lives an hour away with her daughter with her boyfriend's family: Mom. My Bf broke up with me. idk why. Can I come live at home? Then we can talk.

Now, in the past I would have put things into high gear, wondering how I was going to have time to drive up and get her and bring her home and how this would affect things if we really did get a call saying they wanted us to adopt the teenager in the Cities, and have given myself a wild crazy anxious day. Except for the 24 hour rule. Before she turned 18 I felt I had a legal responsibility to get her and bring her home .. but, if you've read my blog long enough, you know that when I did that it wouldn't be more than a day or two before he would be back to get her. So, the 24 hour rule now says that I must wait 24 hours before responding emotionally to her drama.

I simply wrote back, "You are always welcome at home." I haven't heard a word since.


Dominyk's new perseveration is that I am a crybaby who always gets my way. He also has started to do one of two things. If he says, something and I respond with anything he doesn't like, he tells me to shut up. But, if I don't respond to him when he asks a question, he repeats it until I do, so I really am stuck in a conundrum as to whether to answer or not. I had told him all last week that each night he had to clean his room, do his chore, and do homework and he refused. So I simply said that this weekend we would play catchup and we would go nowhere until he had finished those three things.

He got the first two done but the homework was still pending so he asked me if he could go to the Y. I said, "When you're homework is done." He started screaming at me to shut up because I was retarded and a crybaby and that I always had to have my way. I stopped talked.

Bart is usually very good at stepping in to help out in these moments, so I was grateful to have him take over. Trying to distract him and get him thinking down another road he simply said, "So, Dominyk, what did you learn from your conversation with Mom?" To which he responded, "that she's a crybaby who always has to have her way."


Have I shared our good news that our daughter-in-law got a half time teaching job? It is at the same school where our oldest son teaches 6th grade, so that will be great for them. It's a big answer to prayer.


John has been working for two weeks steady at a construction job he likes. That also is good news. We were out for dinner to celebrate Kari's birthday Friday night and lo and behold the absolute cutest baby in the world and his parents were eating out. They had both gotten paid and were so excited to have some money. And of course, Isaac wasn't at all disappointed to receive several grandma and grandpa kisses.

I'm on my way to a staffing at an RTC for work today -- make my day and vote in the poll and pre-order a book so when I come back to check my blog I'll smile.

Because even though yesterday I suggested that it's all about you, it's probably still about me. At least a little bit. ;-)

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