Monday, September 19, 2011

What to Wish For?

I'm trying to prepare myself for an email or call saying another child has been chosen for the potential son we are hoping to adopt. I think I might be able to compare my feelings to that of a mom of four or five kids already who wasn't necessarily planning on or hoping to getting pregnant but thinks she might be. I know that I would love to be his mom... and yet I know the work that is involved in transitioning a child into our home. So even though it will totally be worth it, if we get the email or call (the pee stick), I will be thrilled if it is positive but if it is negative I just might be able to convince myself that it is a good thing because I am already happy with what I have.

But I'll still be disappointed.

Yesterday I was completely exhausted from after church until I went to bed at 8:45 and I am not feeling all that rested this morning. I think maybe some of my medication must be off so I will be having labs done and see if that is why I'm so sluggish. I feel like I could go back to bed already!

We have Isaac here today -- so I guess I'll have to wait until his nap time to take mine :-)


robyncalgary said...

oh im so behind! very happy belated birthday and WOW potentially a new son, "never a dull moment" indeed :) best of luck today!

Tiruba said...

I tried to comment this morning but commenting with an iPhone SUCKS and my comment vanished.

It doesn't really matter how many kids one has, there is always heartache with loss. It didn't matter that my youngest son has 7 other biological siblings when his brother died last week, he still felt the same pain as he would have if he had far less or only one brother. Even though we only have three kids, after we have a foster child or another sibling staying with us, when they leave the absence is HUGE and our home feels hollow without them.

I am excited that this boy will have a family no matter what...and, of course, I hope it's you :) Good luck and WHY DON'T WE KNOW YET?!?!

I hate waiting...

Claudia said...

ME TOO! I'm going nuts. I figured we would know by now. But they said early this week so I'm trying to chill out. I just figured out that we would know by now....

Only 10 minutes until five though -- so it will probably be tomorrow now before we hear anything.