Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's that Time Again

That time when my house is buzzing with teeenagers getting ready to go to school. In just 3 short months we will no longer have "children" in our home. We will only have teenagers and "adults" as Wilson turns 13.

Still no news... I even broke the "rules" and sent an email and got no response which could mean one of 100 different things, including that the worker died but nobody bothered to tell me which is kind of morbid, but true.

Thank you to those of you who voted in my poll. It's good to see this kind of information as I make plans to do a webinar. The only thing that challenges me about the concept is that I am a speaker who often relies on audience feedback, particularly laughter and that "lightbulb moment" that I can read on people's faces, to spur me onward, and I"m not sure that someone typing hahahahaha in the little chat box is going to quite have the same affect. Which means that those of you who are less enthused about paying for attendance might end up coming to the first one which will most likely be awkward.

OK, some of you are sickos and are thinking that you'd like to PAY to find me in an awkward position :-)

The Final Title of the next book is going to be "Okay, Which One of You Took My Sanity? A Fun Guide to Foster, Adoptive, and Other Kinds of Parenting. We are in the final proofing stages and the cover is done, though I'm not going to ask you to give me feedback because with the last book cover that was kind of a nutty thing to do because you all have not only different but contradictory opinions! :-)

The book though is the one that most people who have heard me speak and read my blog have been hoping for ever since I started publishing. Here is the blurb about it:

Okay, Which One of You Took My Sanity? – A Fun Guide to Foster, Adoptive, and Other Kinds of Parenting is a humorous he-said/she-said breakdown of parenting strategies. Hilarious true-to-life stories reveal common threads between two families facing unique challenges and even more unique children. Together the stories encourage other parents to embrace change rather than “fix” family dynamics. Matt and Claudia, both adoptive parents, each exhibit distinctive parenting styles within their own adoptive families. Still, both apply the same principles to pilot the demands of special needs parenting. Fun and laughter might be the primary intention of this “Dr. Phil meets Erma Bombeck” concoction, but it ruptures with insightful parenting techniques. In between laughs, you might discover that there is something very profound about being a parent… but probably not.

So, look forward to an October publish date.

Also, in case you haven't heard, I've got several speaking engagements coming up.... Let me give you a teaser and when I have final details I will be putting them on the web:

October 14-16 -- Possibly speaking in Central, SC;

October 17 -- Speaking in Athens, GA -- for workers in the afternoon and for parents in the evening;

November 12 -- Adoption forum in Rock Island, Illinois at Heritage Wesleyan;

Sometime in November there is a possibility for a book signing in Toledo, Ohio as well as a speaking engagement in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

January 27th -- Refresh conference in Redmond, Washington;

February 4 -- Speaking at a Women's event at Crossview Covenant here in Mankato.

So, anybody live near any of those places who is planning to come?

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