Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Overslept by only 15 minutes this morning but it is kind of throwing everything off. Several of us don't feel well... in fact, I am feeling very much not like myself. I have a lab appointment scheduled for this morning to try to figure out why.

Things are busy busy busy in my world... lots of things happening at my jobs and with book sales. It would be nice if I could have the energy to keep up with them.

It's Homecoming week at the school as well -- meaning the kids minds are everywhere but their school work, meaning that the upward energy of the beginning of the school year has dissipated and we are now hitting a slump already during week 3. Sometimes I wonder about all the "special things" schools plan and how much they mess up not just "special kids" but all kids. It's kind of hard for anyone to keep completely focused on school work when they are trying to remember if they are supposed to wear a toga or a cowboy hat...

This morning Leon is truly sick and he is going to school anyway... he has a cold. Tony has a headache and he is refusing to get up. It's funny how character is demonstrated even at the age of 16.

So am I being way too cynical when I say that special activities at school are nothing but a pointless distraction?

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Cyndi said...

Hey, I would do away with all of this stuff. When I was in high school we had spirit day on Friday, a pep-fest the end of the school day and all the rest of this stuff was done in the evening. We actually did school work during Homecoming week.