Friday, September 30, 2011

Not Funny, Interesting, or Cool

When I accidentally deleted the blog format that I had been perfecting for 6 years, this one was one of the best options I could find so I selected it. It automatically adds the little boxes you can check that say that my post was funny, interesting, or cool. SO now, when nobody checks any of them, does that mean that I'm none of those things? I am going to have to get over THAT.

My life has been nuts and I found out yesterday that my thyroid is off and I'm waiting for a new prescription. I haven't needed an adjustment in that medication in a while, but it seems that I now do, which explains the fog I've been walking around under, the exhaustion and the fatigue. But somewhere in the midst of it all I think I remember an email or a comment asking about how to use the coupons to purchase books.

All you have to do is to go to our online store and when it is time to check out you can use the coupon PREORDER -- you just type it in in the coupon blank -- and you'll save $4.00 on the next book. Or you can use the coupon Blogreader to save $3.00 on one of the older books. Make sure you click on the products section if you want to buy more than one book because the package deals aren't on the front page as "featured items" but are in the category about special items you can save on.

Today I have a meeting with the co-teacher of the class that I went to Baltimore to be trained to teach back in May. The course starts next Friday and we have 25 therapists and social workers signed up -- a very good, experienced group of people. It should be a great class full of rich conversation and learning.

But now I must awaken my sleeping children and get them off to school before heading up to the Twin Cities. Fortunately I can manage to drive wtihout falling asleep so hopefully that will work out fine for me.

Too bad there isn't a little box to check below that says, "boring", huh?


GZimmy said...

I think many, if not most, of us ignore those boxes. You can, too. As for your new theme, I like it. It's a nice change and freshens things up a bit. But then, I change my own blog theme almost as often as I change underwear.

Claudia said...

Gary -- Talk about WAY TMI! :-)