Thursday, September 01, 2011

My Work Style

I am recognizing more than ever that I have a very crazy work style and I am very oddly motivated. I get a lot more done if I just sit behind my computer and am compelled from one thing to another. I hop from project to project, often guided by emails that come in, and crank out the work. If I am forced to focus on one task I have a hard time getting motivated, but I get a ton done when I jump from thing to thing.

I know the experts will tell you that multitasking is not efficient, but they should hang out with me for a day and see what all gets done. I have often said that if people were sitting behind me watching what I do on the computer they would go nuts! It would be mindboggling how I can start one task and then be off on something else only to come back and finish it later. It's very strange but it works for me. It builds my momentum somehow.

Lots going on today but I love this time of year. It reminds me of the college year starting up back in the day when I was a Dean of Students. I loved that job - wouldn't have energy for it now... that was in my 20s... but the enthusiasm was amazingly contagious that time of year. We still don't start school until Tuesday.... the lastest in the nation again I suppose. At least we only have one left in Elementary -- he doesn't start until next Thursday but I"m not thinking the house will be noisy with only Wilson home.

I hardly ever post pictures any more. Is that why I have less readers?

Can you see all his curls???


Linda said...

The experts who say multitasking isn't efficient, aren't multitaskers.

Lisa said...

Your grandson is a doll!!

We don't start until tuesday in MI either. It's pretty typical - I think we've only started before Labor Day once of twice ever that I can remember and then it was just some half day nonsense.

Do what works for you girl!! My dh swears that multi-tasking doesn't work either but how in the world does he think we do housework or run the household? You throw in a load of laundry, while that's going you do dishes or clean counters or cook and while something is cooking you're dealing with kids and answering the phone, etc. If the trash is needing to go out, you drop everything and do that, if a diaper needs to be changed or someone needs first aid, we take care of it immediately, etc. Our lives are made for multi=tasking.