Saturday, September 10, 2011

Really? 5 p.m.?

So I usually blog in the morning but this morning it was time to head to Best Buy! Nothing better than opening something with an Apple Logo on the box. We finally got our tax credit and we haven't had any computers the kids could use for months without bothering one of us we decided to upgrade. Since the tax credit is because of the kids we wanted part of it to go to things that they would see as valuable. New flooring just really isn't doing it for them.

So most of my day has been spent configuring computers, and also finishing up a website for our new worship service that starts tomorrow at the church. If you're curious it is

I'm also finishing up some of the final edits for the next book "Okay, Which One of You Took My Sanity? A Fun Twelve Step Guide for Foster, Adoptive and Other Kinds of Parents" This is the book that adoptive parents have been waiting for I think and I"m excited. I'm cowriting it with Matt Hoffman. It's going to be funny as well as informative. I'm excited.

Also went out to lunch and are now heading to our churches block party....

So I wasn't just lying around... although I did have a delicious mid-afternoon nap with Bart. ;-)

Last night we had a real date with the Coffees -- just us adults, dinner and the movie Help. Great night. At least in our opinion. Apparently not in Kari's though. She told you we were going but she never said it was fun. :-)


Kari said...

Did you ever think that our time together is so special that it would cheapen it to blog about it? Although I really should write someday about how you tried to get all your inappropriate stuff out with the restaurant server while Bart was in the bathroom.

kidsaregreat said...

Your check actually arrived...maybe there is hope for me :]