Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coming and Going and Not Wanting to Leave

Salinda was here all weekend with Gabby and it was fun to have them there. Apparently she has changed her mind again about where she will live and is now back there. I'm glad I had recently told her Salinda that we would have "the talk" about expectations once she was living here for two weeks. Saved my time and emotional energy.

Gabby is getting more and more fun and communicative every day. She's a smart little thing and very well aware of what is going on around her. Today when Salinda said it was time to go she did NOT want to leave. So Salinda tried the fake "I'm going to leave you" trick. Gabby simply said, "Bye bye." So that kind of backfired. it's fun that she doesn't want to leave.

I'm not all that excited about Bart leaving this coming week either. But we'll make it... we always do. There are a lot of single moms out there who do this every day, so I think i can do it for 6 days. But dangit, on top of all the stuff he does -- the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping kinds of things, the reality of it is that he's my very best friend and I just love being with him.

He used this story in his sermon today -- twice, once in each service, and I cried both times.

I'm sure we'll be fine being a part for the week but being inseparable for 72 years like that couple doesn't sound like a bad thing these days...

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That last picture is just too darn cute.