Saturday, October 29, 2011

Too much to update ;-)

On a positive note, Tony, who started his day off horribly just made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Am I a bad parent if my secondary (if not primary thought) is what the kitchen must look like right now? I'm trying to focus on how good the pancakes are because I can't see the kitchen.

Dominyk delivered them to me and the two of them are the only ones awake and neither of them has screamed or threatened each other or cussed loud enough for me to hear them. I think this must be a record. They've both been awake at the same time for 30 minutes.

My day yesterday was really good. I love teaching the course I am teaching. The curriculum is excellent (not my creation) and the people in the class are really bright with tons of awesome experience. I bet the group has a total of over 500 years of professional experience. The group discussions bring a lot of richness to it and the whole day six hours is awesome.

However, when I applied for the job I was being a typical "ignore the details" person and forgot that I would be having a twelve hour day. I forgot about the commute in Friday rush hour traffic, the walk from the parking garage to the building, the making my own lunch to lug around so I didn't have to walk blocks on campus .. all those details... that are killing me. Yesterday I left home at 6:15 and I got home at almost 7 p.m.

By the time I drug my tired out of shape butt up to my room I sat there in the recliner fielding questions from the kids, and then couldn't even make myself get up to head to bed early.

But I slept a solid ten hours and though I'm a bit weary, I'm not dead! This has been a crazy week -- one I don't want to repeat. Two kids have gotten suspended. John started work and made multiple phone calls to me to help make decisions (one about stock investments for his IRA or something, a conversation with the HR person at his the dairy farm which I had to work hard not to laugh at because he hasn't kept a job for more than 6 weeks in his life).

Salinda has moved in, left, come back, left, come back, and left again all in one week. I have had multiple kids skip classes, made a trip to Owatonna and one to another town to do a post-placement visit, and had 3 very stressful (to me) meetings. I have also done it all with my husband in Orlando and not accessible much as his Spiritual Formation Academy has a really full daily schedule.

And I have taken a few minutes each day to whine to you.

The week ahead I wrap things up and then head to Toledo? Anyone close to there that might come to the comedy club and hear us? It's going to be so fun!

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robyncalgary said...

awesome on the "record" LOL

id love to see a post from you about halloween either in your family or foster care/adoption in general...